Modern Design of Swimming Pools

Even the most demanding clients will be satisfied with the design of stainless steel swimming pools. It is a real treat for those who value modern design. It is also worth mentioning that the structure can be tailored to individual needs and preferences. Swimming pools manufactured of the best quality stainless steel are characterized by extreme durability. Thanks to their above-average durability, their condition is intact for many years. A classic swimming pool is intended for relaxing swimming, however, it can be equipped with various accessories. Swimming pools with a counterflow are very popular. They prove themselves not only when we want to relax, but also for practice as training swimming pools.

Spa bathtubs with hydromassage

In recent years, the installation of SPA bathtubs in the gardens at our homes has become very popular – they are made of high-quality stainless steel, resistant to many external factors, durable and elegant. They are equipped with seats, massaging nozzles, and comfortable stairs with railings that facilitate entering into the bathtub. They can be used at any season as the water in the jacuzzi is pre-heated up to any temperature, whilst perfect insulation of the bathtub wall excludes water freezing even during low winter temperatures.
To avoid excessive water loss, a grade is installed around the bathtub, in which an overflow gutter is hidden through which overflowing water gets to the container from which it is pumped and filtered. Being purified, it is again poured into the.

Manufacturer of stainless steel swimming pools

Lepsod has over 40 years of experience in the construction of stainless steel structures. Our offer includes, amongst others, stainless steel swimming pools, SPA bathtubs, and a range of accessories for swimming pools. Each project is tailored for individual needs of the client, considering their every note. Lepsod is the manufacturer of itsCompact swimming pool, which is the smallest swimming pool in the world that is a perfect solution for small single-family houses. It is an All-In-One and Ready-To-Use type of a swimming pool – it is ready to use just after it is delivered and installed.

Lepsod is a leader in the development of modern stainless steel swimming pools. The company has a laser and plasma cutting machine park, as well as over 4,000m2 hall, thus the company guarantees unlimited possibilities of cooperation and development to its current and future clients.

Manufacturer of swimming pools, swimming pools with a counter flow

Small swimming pools under single-family houses are characteristic for the countries of South Europe same as home saunas in Finland. In Spain or Greece, they are usually located on a flat rooftop or in the outside yard. Citizens of Andalusia or small Greek towns use the garden swimming pool to cool down as eagerly as tourists use hotel swimming pools located close to resorts. In our latitude, garden swimming pools were considered an extravagance and luxury. Nowadays, with the increasing temperatures, and as the weather in Central Europe brings warmer and longer summer, it is worth to consider getting the garden swimming pool of a proven and verified brand.

Polish manufacturer of swimming pools and garden pools with the best quality statutory warranty

The guarantee for the best product quality and comprehensive customer service is offered by the company Lepsod – the manufacturer of swimming pools. As a native company from Częstochowa, we have our own machine park, located in a hall with an area of 4000 m2, where with the use of plasma and laser cutting technology, in terms of stainless steel swimming pools and SPA baths, we are able to meet every single, and thus unique, project of our customers. A potential client can be sure that the whole manufacturing process of their dreamt garden swimming pool, order preparation, and preparation of required subcomponents, are carried out in the company’s facilities. Our consultants will be pleased to present you with a wide offer of the Lepsod brand and will present swimming pools – each order is individually approached during the stage of design.

Garden swimming pools with a counterflow or SPA bathtubs with hydromassage?

Contrary to polyester swimming pools, we offer you garden swimming pools with a counterflow or swimming pools which are moulded and cut of stainless steel, which translates to their long-term durability and trouble-free use. We guarantee almost zero danger of cracks and no lack of tightness, which often occurs in the event of swimming pools made of plastics. As a brand with almost 40 years of experience, we know which materials (what type of stainless steel, the manner of maintenance,and preparation for use) will be ideal for the manufacture of swimming pools in our specific and changing climate. Garden swimming pools as most everyday use objects must present two features: they must connect the aesthetic of modern design with functionality resulting from durability.

The same is with SPA bathtubs, which you may also find in our offer. Manufactured in our modern production hall in Częstochowa, they will become an eye-catching element of small garden architecture. Modern design, smart lighting, and best quality accessories (e.g. counterflow or hydromassage) are not all. As mentioned before, properly moulded and cut stainless steel will be prepared in such a way (coated with anti-corrosion layer, special, comfortable seats, railing, overflow gutter with a grade surrounding the tub) as to guarantee the best quality product to the client.