Swimming pool shell


The pools are available in two options: with an overflow gutter or with a skimmer. The depth of our pool, i.e. 1,3m is enough to enjoy swimming as much as in deeper pools and additionally the costs of water maintenance and heating are much lower. The location of connection pipes is agreed during designing. These swimming pools can be installed on the ground or as inground ones. Choosing any of the options does not require any modifications, design changes and methods of installation. In order to guarantee the optimum distribution of water in the pools, the water is supplied by bottom nozzles or bottom channel . It is done in accordance with recommendation of the European standards. On request Lepsod company also builds swimming pools with non-standard shapes and larger dimensions than those given in the catalogue. This involves a higher cost,among others, because of the pool basin welding at the investment site.

The stainless steel swimming pool shells, have a frame to make transportation easier. Lepsod offers several standard sizes of stainless steel swimming pool shells. Such pools are easily transported to any investment site with standard means of transport. We calculate transport costs in Europe on individual basis