Compact pool with overflow gutter

Compact swimming pools with overflow gutter

In compact swimming pools with an overflow gutter, the whole equipment is aesthetically built up with stainless steel, making the pool a unique monolith which is also a modern exhibit of applied art. Thanks to the built-in LEPSOD countercurrent system it also allows you to conduct an intensive, Olympic swimming training and gives the possibility of a water body massage.

An absolute innovation of LEPSOD COMPACT is its mobility, which allows you to move it in summer outside the building, and in autumn and winter to install it indoors. Another unique solution is an expansion tank built into the structure of the basin, surrounding the sides of the pool and a soundproof technical, heating and water circulation room. LEPSOD COMPACT is the only all-in-one and ready-to-use product on the market immediately after delivery and connection.

4m x 2.6m x 1.4m, internal: 3m x 2m x 1.3m
Weight [kg]