Rectangular SPA bathtub

SPA Rectangular Lepsod baths

Rectangular SPA bathtub with hydro massage with an overflow gutter made of tightly welded stainless steel AISI 316 with smoothly ground surface. The whirlpool bath is equipped with an entrance staircase hidden in the wall with a railing, two standing massages and a bench for 4 people additionally there are two loungers on the sides of the walls. The bathtub has many functions of air and water massages on the most important parts of the whole body. This minibasin, due to its unusual construction inside the basin, offers greater functionality than standard spa baths.

Internal: 3600 mm x 2000
External: 4300 mm x 2700
Weight [kg]

The perfect spa bath
Although water is not everyone’s element, for many people time spent on a pleasant bath is one of the most relaxing experiences. The muscles relax and all the stress accumulated in the body cells simply flows away. An excellent SPA bathtub, produced in accordance with the highest standards and modern design, is the best investment for a private home or apartment, an intimate resort or SPA.
What characterizes the excellent quality SPA bathtub produced by the renowned Lepsod brand? First of all, it is a perfect way of making a stainless steel bathtub, treated according to the most modern technologies that guarantee long-term durability. This quality is manifested both in the visual aspects as well as in the functional aspects. Rectangular and round SPA bathtubs from Lepsod brand are quality timeless equipment of so many excellent centers in Poland and worldwide. Immersing yourself in pleasantly warm water somewhere in an intimate hotel in the mountains or by the sea, you can commune with SPA bathtubs from Lepsod. Our products do not shout their logo – what appeals to the audience is the perfect style of use, impeccable appearance and durability. The bathtubs are designed so that users can use them comfortably and conveniently. Among other things, seats have been created, places to sit, places to lie in the bathtub, and a part to relax the feet themselves. Thanks to this, everyone can use the SPA bathtub as they wish, immersing themselves in water completely or only partially. This makes our bathtubs safe also for the youngest family members. Places with a lower water level allow you to take baths together with children. Doesn’t that sound great? The modern design of the Lepsod brand is friendly for everyone. This is an argument for the fact that the offer of our brand is addressed to all users. We have business and private customers. Our bathtubs are decorated with spa areas in hotels and apartments dedicated to guests, but also individual houses where ordinary Polish families live every day.

Why it is worth having a SPA bathtub at home

SPA bathtub is an opportunity to enjoy the luxury of relaxation in the SPA practically every day. Our beautiful bathtub will be perfect not only in resorts and SPAs, but also in private homes, where we have managed to arrange a place for a larger than the classic bath. Contemporary life so often conducted under stress and running, where it is difficult to find a moment of relaxation and tranquility, may look completely different. Minor changes start with giving yourself a moment of time for your own needs and your relaxation. Investing in a perfect SPA bathtub may turn out to be one of the best decisions – creating a mini SPA zone in your own home, allows you to look for breath in everyday life, relax deeply and rest on a completely new level.