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Skimmer basins Lepsod

Stainless steel pool skimmer trays are made on a steel frame, which makes it possible to transport them in their entirety. The Lepsod company offers several standard sizes of stainless steel skimmer trays so you can easily transport your pool under a given investment using standard transport. The cost of transportation throughout Europe is priced individually. The proposed depth of 1.3m allows you to enjoy the same benefits of swimming as at greater depths, also giving lower costs of maintaining and heating the water in the pool. The location of the connections is agreed during the design phase. These skimmer basins can be installed as above-ground or submerged pools. The choice of any of the options does not require any modifications and changes in the design and installation method. In order to guarantee optimal pool water circulation, a water supply through the bottom nozzles is used, as recommended by European standards. On special orders, Lepsod also builds swimming pools with non-standard shapes and larger dimensions than those specified in the catalog. This involves higher costs due to, among other things, welding of the pool basin on site.

Available dimensions of standard pools can be found in the configurator:

Skimmer pool made in a small size adapted to swimming against the counter-current. The size was adjusted to the place between the rock on one side and the slope with a beautiful view of the sea. The investor managed to arrange a place for this swimming pool with a skimmer system at a summer house in Italy.

In the past, the house swimming pool was a sign of luxury and few people could afford it, even though this architectural development is very useful and allows you to spend time in the warm summer days effectively and pleasantly. Nowadays, the investment in this pleasure appears in more and more houses, due to many manufacturers’ solutions, among which everyone can adjust the costs according to their capabilities.
Home budget economics

The trough itself is not the only one to which water is poured to enjoy a blissful bath. The operation of a swimming pool involves many duties and solutions that need to be carefully thought through in order to adapt the utility to the economy of the household.
One of the dilemmas faced by the users of the garden swimming pool is the choice of solutions that will protect against excessive water leakage. A swimming pool with a skimmer system, which can be found in our offer, is a perfect choice for small sized basins, i.e. those that are most often installed on the private property of customers.
“Collectors” that help in the household economy

Skimmers are placed on the pool walls and collect water from their surface. This then goes to the circulation pump, filters it and then lets it back into the pool. The solutions of skimmers in our swimming pools also allow catching larger impurities that go into the water, so this application is very versatile and praised by our customers.
Good quality, and usefulness

The system of skimmers, mounted in swimming pools is dependent on their size and their number depends on the size of the pool. The whole application is very economical, which pays off in the daily use of the pools and has a positive impact on the household budget. The universality of these solutions makes them also the cheapest in installation and operation.

The skimmer pool is known especially in the private sector and is one of the most common applications because it offers excellent value for money, both during installation and subsequent maintenance.