Swimming pool with overflow gutter

Swimming pools with overflow gutter

Stainless steel swimming pool trays are made on a steel frame, which makes it possible to transport them in their entirety. The Lepsod company offers several standard sizes of stainless steel pools so you can easily transport your pool under a given investment using standard transport. The cost of transportation throughout Europe is priced individually. The proposed depth of 1.3m allows you to enjoy the same benefits of swimming as at greater depths, also giving lower costs of maintaining and heating the water in the pool. The location of the connections is agreed during the design phase. These basins can be installed as above-ground or submerged pools.

The choice of any of the options does not require any modifications and changes in the design and installation method. In order to guarantee optimal pool water circulation, a water supply through the bottom nozzles is used, as recommended by European standards. On special orders, Lepsod also builds swimming pools with non-standard shapes and larger dimensions than those specified in the catalog. This involves higher costs due to, among other things, welding of the pool basin on site.

Available dimensions of standard pools can be found in the configurator:

Pool water filtration is a priority

As you know, when using a pool, the water surface is raised and if it reaches above the edge of the pool it spills out of the area. In order to prevent such situations, solutions are used in swimming pools to catch the excess of rising water, filter it and return it to the pool.

Due to the functionality associated with water cleaning we can distinguish two types of pools, namely skimmer and overflow.
The skimmer system is installed in smaller pools, as well as built on private property – it is a simple principle of water filtration, consisting of catching impurities by a special device of rectangular shape mounted just under the edge of the pool. The size and number of skimmers is selected depending on the size of the pool and filtration system used.
Swimming pool with overflow system

Another, slightly more technologically advanced way is to use an overflow gutter, into which the excess water flowing out of the pool is poured. It is mounted under the grid running around the outer edge of the pool, which captures the water, sinks it into the overflow tank. After reaching the appropriate level, water from the tank is sucked into the pump, which after filtration directs it back to the pool. In case of excess water poured into the tank, the part is drained into the sewer. The principle of overflow pools is applied in public swimming pools, where water losses are the highest, as well as in higher standard pools, where the emphasis is on aesthetics and modern design.
Swimming pool with countercurrent system

Not everyone can have a swimming pool the size of an Olympic size, but most people like to swim – in such a situation, we offer a smaller pool with a modern counter-current system that allows you to swim freely. What is counter-current? Well, the pool is fitted with a device that creates a strong counter-current, thanks to which you can swim in place. The device can be installed in almost any pool with the appropriate depth and length greater than the height of a person. It can also be used by children. Counter-current is used in whirlpools, aerobics, recreation and training.

The device is equipped with a remote control, with which you can adjust the counter-current strength and adjust it to your needs. Despite the fact that the system works on electric current is perfectly insulated, so there is no danger of electric shock.