Stainless steel pools


The smallest pool in the world – LEPSOD COMPACT – is an excellent solution for small single-family homes or gardens. Although designed primarily for safety and comfort of the youngest (non-slip bottom, depth 0.6 m), the countercurrent system also allows adults to carry an intensive, Olympic swimming training on an area of 4.5 m and gives the ability of water body massage. Absolutely innovative of LEPSOD COMPACT is its mobility, which allows you to keep it outside during the summer season and inside during the autumn – winter season. Another unique feature is built into the structure of the basin an expansion tank, surrounding the sides pool, and soundproofed room with all technical equipment necessary for the treatment, heating and circulation of the water. Additionally, in this set you will find lighting and relaxing air massages to ensure the harmony of the senses and the body. All of the equipment is aesthetically built with grade steel to form the pool unique monolith being at the same time modern art exhibit. LEPSOD COMPACT is the only product on the market all-in-one and ready-to-use immediately after delivery and connection. Possibility to order a swimming pool for salt water (saline) made from grade stainless steel (1.4547).