Stainless steel pools

Pool with external overflow system

It is a swimming pool for single-family manor house, installed in the back of the house, in a secluded place, with dimensions 9 m x 3.5 m x 1.4 m.

The pool, made of stainless steel, contributes a modern style to such beautifully designed classical space, merging the manor’s surroundings in cohesive entirety. The grate of overflow gutter is made of stainless steel and is arranged in one line, which is the reference to the classical style of architecture. An interesting solution is a shower at the swimming pool, which fulfils a function of door to technical room, hidden in the floor.

A counter-current for massaging and swimming is located in the front part, and on the other side there is an underwater roller blind, hidden under a bed with bubble massaging for two persons. The advantage resulting from the application of the underwater roller blind is maintaining clean and warm water and children’s safety. In winter water is drained to the bottom or to the half of the basin.