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LEPSOD TRAINING – ready to use

A training swimming pool is a perfect solution for small single family houses, apartments or gardens. It is offered in several sizes, depending on space arrangement. This pool has been created mainly for sport, healthy life style and good fun. The pool has been designed mainly for persons who need rehabilitation or love sport, and want to change their training pool into a relaxing jacuzzi with reflexotherapy in the evenings.

What you can do?

  • Swim – due to the LEPSOD counter-current system, it allows for intensive, Olympic swimming training,
  • Run – due to the LEPSOD counter-current system and an additional water jogging machine mounted in the pool’s bottom you can run intensely and prepare for another marathon,
  • Ride bicycle – a place for exercise bicycle is provided in the swimming pool. This is a completely new type of bicycle, it is very light and it does not occupy a lot of space. You can ride it, but also perform a lot of additional exercises,
  • Massage – due to the LEPSOD counter-current system, the water massage of body is also possible,
  • Relaxation – after an intense training you can unfold two built-in beds and feel like in jacuzzi.

An absolute innovation in the LEPSOD TRAINING is its mobility, which allows placing the pool indoors during the summer period and installing it indoors during autumn and winter. Another unique solution is an equalizing tank, which is built into the structure of basin and surrounds the pool’s sides, and a soundproof technical room with all necessary equipment for water conditioning, heating and circulating. The entire equipment is enclosed aesthetically in stainless steel, which makes that the pool is a unique monolith, being simultaneously a modern exhibit of functional art. LEPSOD TRINING is the only all-in-one product on the market and is ready-to-use immediately after delivering and connecting. All options are remotely controlled.

Additional accessories:

  • Jogging machine
  • Exercise bicycle