The massage device made of stainless steel AISI 316. The counter-current is sold in parts to choose from: installation part into the wall, counter-current front (round or square version) or a water jet set with a pump, electric box and an installation frame. Counter-current front includes: polished stainless steel front insert with grip, water jet flow regulator and air regulator, piezoelectric or pneumatic switch, two nozzles. Installation part includes: a niche for concrete and foil pools with gaskets and sealing flange.
*When ordering the set for prefabricated pools, please inform us in order to prepare the niche with longer bolts. The final set includes: a pump made of stainless steel, control box, closed valves, pump rack made of stainless steel, inverter, vibro isolators and a set of connectors to connect the pump to the wall installation set. Installation is possible in all types of pools.