LEPSOD company offers pool covers made of polycarbonate. Company offer covers for all types of pools: stainless steel, tiled, foil and polyester 

  • - such a range of choice gives our company the opportunity to meet the market demand for all pools.

Lepsod offer pool poolcovers: automatic UNDERWATER or OVERWATER.Pool cover floats on water thanks to the sealed plugs located on the sides of each profile which lift the entire cover on the water surface.The LEPSOD swimming pool cover has important functions in indoor and outdoor swimming pools:


  • Prevents excessive evaporation of water and the formation of moisture inside the room.
  • It allows you to keep the water temperature.
  • Provides safety for children or animals against unwanted falls into the pool basin.
  • Very easy service.
  • It protects against dirt, leaves and other unwanted thing getting into the pool.
  • The surface of the cover is smooth and easy to clean

At LEPSOD poolcovers we use polycarbonate profiles that have an additional protective layer and UV absorbers. Thanks to this solution our panels do not yellow, do not deform, do not age and are more resistant to scratches. The shape of the profiles allows for easy and simple cleaning. We have four available panel colors.